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Toddler Childcare: 18 – 30 Months

Brampton Toddler Childcare

Serving toddlers 18 to 30 months.

Ratio: 1 Early Childhood Educator for every 5 children.

Having an unconventional work schedule seems to be the new norm. With many people working from home, juggling work and parenting is a heroic feat. For those of us who are not looking for full-time Childcare but sometimes need a helping hand, know that you can find a drop-in toddler Childcare in Brampton where you can safely place your kids for a few hours while you work or just get a little well-deserved me time.

For a parent, choosing the right childcare centre can be stressful. As a result, parents need to take their time to do the appropriate research and make sure that the center in question is truly a good fit for their child.  A toddler’s world is one of exploration and inquisitiveness. At Light of the World Childcare Centre, we provide a toddler Childcare that inspires curiosity and enhances learning that will help them prepare for pre-school.

We utilize hands-on exploration, communication, and social interaction with an inviting approach to help your toddler learn about the world around them.

A warm and inspiring environment for your child.

toddler daycareWe foster self-confidence and an enthusiasm for learning that are sure to encourage your child’s independence as well as the acquisition of necessary social skills in a fun environment. Our Childcare programs focus on playful experiences, working with others, and self-help skills in a structured and engaging program.

Our focus is to strengthen and expand language and numeracy skills through a play-based environment that inspires investigation and problem-solving. Children begin to establish trust, respect, and confidence when exploratory play is encouraged and supported by a professional educator.

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