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Infant Childcare: 0 -18 Months

Brampton Infant Childcare

Serving infants 0 to 18 months.

Ratio 1 educator to 3 infants.

Learning through play with safety as a priority.

Our qualified and experienced educators work with each family to make the transition to child care as smooth as possible. We create a partnership with families and provide support in introducing new foods, self-regulation, and other areas to help meet the individual needs of your child. During this time, children will explore to make sense of the world around them, and engage in gross motor activities.

These days, many families have two working parents. This means that they must find child care for not only their older children but their infants as well. Infant child care has always been controversial regarding its effect on the child. When you consider that the first year of a child’s life sets the stage for their future development, many wonder if it is such a good idea to have them spend huge amounts of time with strangers.

At Light of the World Childcare Centre, we provide a warm, inviting, and safe environment that encourages each infant to explore and grow.

We know no two infants are on the same schedule or learning stages, therefore we focus on providing personalized care for each infant based on their unique schedule, nutritional needs, and stage of development.

A warm and loving environment for your child.

infant childcare centre

Our qualified and experienced Childcare staff will facilitate learning experiences through planning, observation, and open-ended assessment. Our daily activities like music, movement, hands-on sensory experiences, and exploration will support your infant’s emotional, physical, intellectual, and sensory development.
Light of the World Childcare Centre provides a safe learning space that keeps your infant feeling engaged, secure, and happy. We will put them on a path toward developmental success and lay the foundation for future learning as a toddler.

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