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Nutrition & Diet Overview

Light of the World Child Care takes great pride in the food served to our growing children. We ensure that children’s nutrition and diet are healthy and well-balanced. Our home-style in-house cooked recipes are all prepared by our own private chef. All our lunches are made from scratch, eliminating the need for processed food by our private chef. Our menu is consequently free from trans fats, high-fructose corn syrup/sugar, and commercially made taste enhancers, enabling us to provide high quality nutrition for our future leaders.


Child care providers have a major responsibility to provide healthy foods in a supportive environment. Mealtimes can be a time for learning about nutrition, hand washing, table manners, conversations, and motor skills, as well as an opportunity to try new foods.

At Light of the World Childcare, your child will be provided with a nutritious morning snack, hot lunch, and afternoon snack prepared by our cook.

All meals are prepared fresh on-site using only high-quality peanut and nut-free ingredients and following the most updated version of Canada’s Food Guide. A registered dietician assisted in our menu planning to ensure that all meals are balanced and have high nutritional value.

If your child has any allergies or special dietary requirements we will make all necessary accommodations.

Our kitchen staff has their Food Handlers Certifications and experience serving in large groups.