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Kindergarten Childcare: 4 – 5 Years

Brampton Kindergarten Childcare

Our kindergarten program in Brampton features a broad curriculum that advances the development of strong language, reading, writing, science, and math skills (with a focus on STEM education), which are necessary for successful learning in the future. We encourage our students to ask questions, take risks, and collaborate with peers to help them in building a growth mindset and become autonomous in their learning.

Kindergarten at Light of the World Childcare lays a critical foundation for academic success for years to come. This success is based not only on comprehension of concepts but also on the adoption of good habits in a culture that values learning. We invite all prospective parents to schedule a tour, attend an information session, or contact any of our school administrators for more information about our program!

By providing our students with the opportunity to test and develop critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and innovation skills, we ensure our students transition effortlessly to grade school.

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